"Come for the games, stay for the food!"


About Us

Our McKnight Blvd & Edmonton Trail location is now open 7-days a week! Come for waffles, coffee, and daily events. We’re still open at our old Crossroads Market booth too, Fridays and Weekends near the West Entrance (right hand side of the washroom).


Though our primary focus is TCGs like Pokemon and Magic the Gathering, come visit us and you’ll be surprised with an array of games from Catan to Warhammer. We’re always open to suggestions. Let us know how to make our Games & Cafe your place to be.


Food and Drink

We serve delicious dessert Belgian waffles, savoury crepes, and a wide variety of snacks and real-fruit smoothies. Keep yourself energized while you battle it out at our next tournament, or get that caffeine/sugar fix while your kids run the store!


ShoeBox Games & Cafe
509 McKnight Blvd NE
Calgary, AB T2E 8P1

ShoeBox Games @ Crossroads Market (retail only)
1235 26 Avenue SE
Calgary, AB T2G 1R7

Phone: 403-475-7217


ShoeBox Games & Cafe @ McKnight

Monday to Thursday 11 AM – 9 PM
Friday – Saturday 11 AM – 11 PM
Sunday 11 AM – 6 PM

ShoeBox Games @ Crossroads Market

Friday 9 AM – 5 PM
Saturday 9 AM – 5 PM
Sunday 9 AM – 5 PM

About us

What does an IT guy, a PhD in neuroscience, and a book-keeper have in common? We all can’t resist a chance to relax with our friends over a good game! Come visit Chi, Patrick, and Alice at the market (formerly Chi’s Collectibles TCG) for a chat about one of our many vices, including Pokemon, Magic, Catan, and more.

Our goal at Shoebox Games & Cafe is to create a warm, welcoming environment for Calgarians of all ages to chilax ( Yah, that’s right, chilax 🙂   )  Whether you’re looking for a hang-out after school with your buddies, a place where you can relax with you kids, or a night out with close friends, Shoebox Games & Cafe is the place to be. We’ll provide the games, delicious real fruit smoothies, and addictive snacks and desserts.  You can bring your family board game nights, kitchen table top adventures, and epic tournament battles!

Our full retail / cafe / gaming store opened its doors in December 2016. Stop by to give us suggestions and help us shape your perfect local getaway.


We currently carry the largest selection of Pokemon Trading Card Game singles in Calgary (some would even argue Nationally!). Whether you are looking to complete a competitive deck, fill in that empty slot in your binder, or browse the latest EX and full art cards, we are the place to be! You’ll also find a variety of Magic the Gathering, Yugioh, and other TCGs.

We are expanding! Stop by to find newly stocked LEGO minifigures and sets, discounted board games, and authentic Japanese Plushies. We take trade ins and buy collections as well, so give us a shout (email us) if you are looking to sell 🙂

Is there something you’re looking for? We want to shape our future retail store and cafe to be your perfect getaway for games and snacks. A big screen for epic Pokkén Tournaments, a quiet corner for Go/Weichi and chess master duels, or tables set up for MTG the way you like it, let us know what you want to see!


Current weekly schedule:

  • Tuesday 6:00 PM: Yu-Gi-Oh! Casual Tournament
  • Wednesday 6:30 PM: MTG Modern Casual Tournament
  • Thursday all day: Miniatures (Warhammer / Warmachine +)
  • Friday 6:30 PM: PTCG Casual Tournament (Expanded 1st Fri. of Month, else Standard)
  • Saturday all day: Miniatures (Warhammer / Warmachine +)
  • Saturday 1:00 PM: MTG Draft (Standard unless Posted on Facebook)
  • Saturday 6:00 PM: MTG Draft / Standard (depending on crowd)
  • Sunday 1:30 PM: Pokemon League (PTCG & VGC)

Tentative additions to our event schedule:

Check out our Facebook Events Page for details and special event scheduling. Email us or Message Us on Facebook if you are looking to bring your playgroup over to our roomy 50+ seat store. We are also available for event bookings :)

Our Event Hosting Philosophy:

Ever walk into a games store full of uber-competitive players and not know where to start? Find yourself bored and worried at the same time while your kids wade into an event full of adult players? Not at ShoeBox Games you won’t! We pride ourselves with our welcoming environment, designed to foster sportsmanship among pro and beginner players alike.

Our planned events will run the full gamut, including a variety of weekly casual and competitive Magic the Gathering and Pokemon-centric events. We plan to employ a tiered system when setting up our events as well, so younger kids can find kindred spirits to explore the game with, while more seasoned gamers are be matched competitively to test their skills.

If the atmosphere of the store and our employees, or the spirit of our events and tournaments feel the least bit off, shoot us a message and we’ll get right on it!


This is our tentative menu, full of delicious waffles, crepes, and home made ice creams. No longer is can pop the only option either, our whole fruit, no syrup smoothies will keep your tummy satisfied while your minds wage war and your taste buds will never want to leave. Talk to Pat to set up a taste-test evening of games and foods (we’ve had awesome reviews so far!).

(More pictures to come)

Belgian Waffles

Our signature thick Belgian waffles, tweaked to your preference, perfect for dessert or a hearty meal. Choose from our light and airy Brussels waffle, or our heartier house Canadian waffle. (Ask for our dairy-free option)

The Original Strawberry Waffle | 8.00
– crispy outside, light interior, and deliciously yeasty, the original Brussels waffle – topped with whip cream, sweet condensed milk, maple syrup, and strawberries

Lumberjack’s Chicken & Waffle | 8.50
– crispy outside, hearty interior, with a hint of maple sugar, the Belgian Canadian waffle – topped with maple syrup, garlic salt and pepper, and chicken strips

Mt Waffle (Ice Cream Waffle) | 8.50
– a snowy ski-hill of a pile of waffle, with a side of mixed nuts (or strawberries) – topped with vanilla ice cream, sweet condensed milk, and maple syrup.

Fresh Crepes

Fresh, house recipe crepes you won’t find anywhere else

Chocolate Hazelnut (Nutella) | 8.00
– perennial favourite and chocolaty part of your complete breakfast (or any meal you’d like!)
– chocolate hazelnut spread, crushed nuts, more chocolate hazelnut spread, topped with chocolate hazelnut spread and whip cream

Strawberry n’ Cream | 8.00
– strawberries n’ awesomeness…
– strawberries with raspberry jam, sweet condensed milk, and whipped cream

Pulled Pork | 8.50
– savoury crepe that’s meal on its own
– pulled pork, light spread of mayonnaise, garlic salt and pepper

Thick Cut Toast | (not available yet)

Two thick, thick slices, toasted with your choice of traditional Taiwanese coffeehouse spreads, perfect snack to relax to. Served with fresh fruits and your choice of the following spreads:

– house-made garlic and herbs butter
– sweet butter custard
– sweet condensed milk
– nutella
– locally made nut butters (ask our server for current selection)

No-Filler Smoothies and Lemonade

All of our fruit smoothies are made fresh with at least a full cup of whole fruits. There are no added sugars, colours, preservatives, or flavouring!

Razzy Berries Mix | 4.00
– Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries

Strawberry Kiwi Punch | 4.00
– Grapes, kiwi, strawberries

Tropical Beach | 4.00
– Peaches, Pineapples, apples, + yogourt

Soft drinks, Juices, Milk (white and chocolate) | 1.00 to 2.50

Coffee, Assorted Teas (Supplied by Coffee Concept) | 2.00

Nibbles to Share 

Cup of Goodies | 5.00
– an assortment of mixed nuts, granola, gummies, and candies

Chips | 1.50

Fries and Mozzarella Sticks | 8.50


Email us with any suggestions, or questions at info@shoeboxgc.ca or message us on Facebook